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Hello, Strangers!

January 3, 2017


It's the first sunrise of 2017, I found myself pedalling in the almost-carless roads of BGC. For the first time after a year, I had the sudden urge to get back on my two-wheel drive. In that short 10-minute ride, it all came rushing back to me~ 


Jewels, you wanted to travel around the world and bring your folding bike with you.

Didn't you want to become a travel show host before??

You wanted a blog where you can share your travels.


You MUST remember!


WOAH! It's like I woke up from a coma. How could I have forgotten those thoughts years ago? And you know what? I still want them! So as a result of an attempt to pursue my abandoned dreams, here you are, reading my first blog post. So.. WELCOME TO HELLO STRANGERS, you stranger! (That sounded meta. Haha!)


This blog is my online journal where I can safely share stories and insights from my personal travels. Strangers and stalkers are very much welcome to visit (but, sorry, no room for haters here! :p) I somehow want to build a community for people who want to bike for leisure and to those who travel to seek stories and adventures of their own. This is a shout out to women who are afraid to get on the road to bike and to travel alone. (Trust me, I know how you feel! But maybe I can help you find your bearings to get you started.)


Second time travelling alone in Batanes | December 2014. 


Leisure biking and travelling are the 2 things I do to help me remember to view the world from a kid's perspective- full of awe and wonder. I'm sure that you'd be affirmed to hear that most of my "faith in humanity restored" moments happened from my encounters with strangers I met in my travels. I'd be like Yay, the world is still kind after all!

Having those moments is like de ja vu- it warms something familiar inside of you yet unsure when it will strike again! So, I continue to seek for it.



In the weeks and months to come, I'll be posting about: my adventures with my folding biketravel takeaways from my trips locally and outside the country (with or without my bike); the strangers I've met in my travelsfeatures on other cyclists and their folding bike; and other stuff I find interesting and share worthy. I'm really excited about these and I hope you come-by often.


 Visited the fishermen I met during my first trip in Diura, Batanes in 2011. | December 2014. 


" Strangers are just friends waiting to happen."

- Rod Mckuen


I have met a good number of strangers-turned-friends in my previous trips; and hey, who knows I might meet new ones in this community. 


Cheers to 2017! 

Cheers to the amazing adventures ahead of us!

And cheers to all you friends waiting to happen


So let me know what ya think! What kind of stories do you want to see in this blog? Feel free to ask and comment below! :)








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