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Seven Things You Didn't Know While Watching The Cips' Prenup Video

October 22, 2017

What would you do if two of your closest friends looked you straight in the eyes and said that "We want you to direct our prenup video. You're the only person who knows us so well"? I never dreamt of directing a prenup video, let alone a prenup video of my friends. (pressure!!) So after getting through a large wave of self-doubt, all I thought was How can I say no?  


Kean and Chynna aren't your ordinary couple. For a prenup video, they wanted a music video for the song "Walk on Water" that they made together. Perfect! (Looking back, I probably wouldn't have said yes if it was just the usual prenup video. It's someone else's forte.)


You see, the couple and I go waaaay back. As much as I've seen them on TV, I know them better as the real awesome individuals that they are behind the camera. I've known Kean since 2006, back when I was a photographer of his band, Callalily. He was like a brother to me. (I'd known all the women he dated, and knew why they didn't work out. And vice versa. Yup, that close i guess!) We had this special relationship that revolved around the passions we still want to pursue- one of them is directing videos.


Both of them helped me through my film projects, my thesis film, and another short film where Chynna was my Assistant Director and Kean was the Acting Coach. I never thought we'd get to collab on the most important video as a couple- their prenup/music video for their wedding. So I wanted to make it special by incorporating aspects of their life that I think gives the viewer a vivid snapshot of their relationship as it further blossoms into married life.



I placed 7 "easter eggs" to give this video a personal touch that probably only the couple and I know. 


1 - Chynna's Art Work & Handwriting


From production design to post-production, we wanted to incorporate Chynna's art. It's not general knowledge that she draws & doodles during her free time. After her encounter with Kean during their stint in Wagas, she drew & doodled and wrote a lot of poems to express her feelings (all to herself). Plus, all the text you saw from intro, chorus, and end, were all handwritten by her. Artsy!!



2 - Their First Conversation

Yup, you read it right.. "Nice wig.."those were the first few words that Kean told to Chynna when they met in the set of the GMA show Wagas. Acc to Chynna, it was his strategic way to break the ice. "I'm not very ma PR & Kean is. So when he said that about my weird wig in Wagas I cracked up. A first of the many conversations soon after." That's so Kean! Haha!



3 - That scene from Wagas

Their attraction for each other started when they portrayed a husband-wife role in a 2013 episode of the GMA show "Wagas". Who knows, probably wasn't for those roles, this beautiful couple might not have even existed! :p


Another bit trivia: They did not know that I included that clip in their video (this was not part of the storyboard I showed them.) They only found out when I sent the first cut!



4 - Chynna's first gift to Kean

Aside from sharing a passion for art, they also share the same for music. Chynna knew that John Lennon is one of Kean's music inspirations so she bought him this book "John" for his bday back in 2013.


5 - You're already looking at snippets from their private life events


They're pretty tight lipped when it comes to their private life. So this is probably the first time you'll see these. In timecode 01:49, you're looking at a video snippet when they sang Walk on Water for the first time, infront of their friends during Chynna's baby shower. Timecode 02:02, you're already looking at photos from their 2015 civil wedding.


Credits: Geoff Mercado for the video clip; Ritz Marie for the wedding photos



6 - They shot the video in Mowelfund



They could've shot in a picturesque farm in Tagaytay or a beach in Batangas, so why Mowelfund?. This location is pretty meaningful for them for 2 reasons: 1) When Kean took a directing course there, Chynna visited for support while he was shooting his short film. 2) When Kean pursued directing music videos, Chynna was always his Asst director. Two of the many music videos they worked on were shot in Mowelfund.



7 - This song was inspired by their daughter, Stellar..


 Thus.. the stars in the end.



*Bonus trivia: The director of the video is one of their bestest friends! LOL

I actually consider them my closest "couple friend". I know that Geoff and I together with The Cips, we'll grow old together. I could just imagine all the life events we'll be spending in the future together. (Excited? Haha!) I am just excited that I'll be witnessing them profess their love for the second time. Another one of many life events we will be walking on water together. (Maisingit lang talaga? Hahaha!)


There you have it! I hope these 7 things will make you change the way you watch this video. Their 4-year journey story compressed into less than 3-minutes. I wish The Cips more years of love and art!


You can watch the video here>


If you have questions about the video, comment below! I'll try to answer them :)



Music & Lyrics: Walk On Water by The Cips
Directed by: Jewels Sison 
Video: Nice Print Photography
Recorded & Mixed: 15D Studios
Design: Rabbithole Creatives
Make Up: Mariah Santos
Hair: Arvin Santos
Location: Mowelfund Film Institute

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