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December 31, 2018

Reflection + Vacation. 




[ Journal Entry 12/27/18 ]


I didn't journal as much as last year. Maybe because unlike last 2017, I have someone I live with at home now. This is the year I got married! This year, I had someone asking How was your day? .. every single day. Admittedly I might have taken it for granted at times by quickly responding with Okay naman. (Yikes!)


I booked this garden vacation home as our year ender reflection vacation. Last year, we spent it in a beautiful airy Airbnb in Subic with Geoff's bestfriend, Kai. So looks like this Reflecation is gonna be a lifelong tradition for The Mercs. (The Mercs = The Mercados: Geoff and I)


I'm currently seated in the common as I pen down my thoughts. Hearing the water flowing and falling through the fountain is putting me in a relaxing mood. We have the place to ourselves for now, no other guests in sight. Around us are different hues of greens and brown wood, with pops of colors of the textiles almost Bali-like! The air is cool even though the sun is peeping through.


I find it important to have this 2-day reflection at the end of the year.  Bet you'll agree that like every year zooms by so fast. I wanna capture and look back on the fleeting moments I thought I've forgotten. That way, I want to be reminded of event, relationships and things I am thankful for. Even including lessons learned from the cringe-worthy mistakes stumbled upon.


- End of notes - 








It rained the rest of the day. No scheduled itinerary. Stayed in our cozy room til we felt hungry. Went out for dinner by foot at a Japanese restau just 300 meters away. Had a bottle of craft beer at a rooftop bar. Back in our room just right in time for our 9PM massage. Woke up at 6AM the morning after and headed out the common area to lounge at a relaxing cabana while waiting for breakfast.


One of the many things I love about my relationship with my husband is our meaningful conversations. That morning, we talked about the highlights of 2018, our theme for 2019, and the dreams for our future.


To set our theme for next year, we asked each other to complete this sentence:

2019 is the year when (name) _______________________.


2019 is the year when Geoff becomes more than just a high school teacher.


2019 is the year when Jewels learns how to discern.


What's your theme for next year? Or do you have any fave 2018 moment/s?


2018 was a big year for us- both blessed in ALL aspects of life. We're just both grateful for the past year and hopeful for the next one. HAPPY NEW YEAR!




Location: Moon Garden, Tagaytay City

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