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February 4, 2019

Two and a half years ago, I saved up for a concert ticket and airfare as soon as I found out that my favorite band is headlining the Clockenflap Festival in Hong Kong. Here's an unpublished journal entry from last year--



Oh I could just imagine.. this would be one good story I'll proudly tell my future kids.


Kids. In 2016, your mom was so cool that she flew all the way from Manila to Hong Kong just to see her fave band headline the Clockenflap Festival.

With a parent kind of mindset I'll probably follow up with: I saved up for a concert ticket, plane tix, other trip expenses. So if you really really want something, you gotta work hard for it. Like what mommy did when she watched Sigur Ros.


Mom, you've told that story a hundred times already. And so my beloved future twins whines adorably in chorus. (Wait.. twins? Haha!)


It's been 2 years. Yet every time I listen to their songs, I'm transported to that very moment. Sigur Ros. Ahhh~ My fave band from this lifetime. Performing in front of my two (very) teary eyes. THIS WAS JUST A DREAM!!! (If I were you, I'd open Spotify or Youtube, listen to Ekki Mukk by Sigur Ros. As you read on and try imagining my voice telling this story to you.)


Their lyrics are from a made up language called "Hopelandic." I love that I don't literally understand the words but somehow I feel what the song is tying to tell me through the melody.


"Got teary-eyed looking out the Victoria Harbour earlier. As some of you may know, I'm here in HK for the Clockenflap festival just to see my fave band Sigur Ros (from Iceland) perform. It was just a dream off my bucket list and I can't believe it's already happening (well, tomorrow)!!! But it just hit me that dreams do actually come true! Huhu. One more sleep to go!! 🙊

If you can see the ferris wheel, that's the area of the concert tomorrow!"

I'm inside my dream. . . . #Clockenflap2016 Waiting for Sigur Rós!!! Ahhhhh.. but first, apple cider! Hah!





"I checked my phone. There are pictures from last night. Yes it was real! I'm not some crazy person imagining something that didn't happen. Whew. I turn on Spotify, played my Sigur Ros playlist. 





TAKK = Thank you 


"When I usually wake up, I'm in my bed at home in Marikina. But this time I regain my consciousness in this cramped 10sqm room in Chungking Mansions in Hong Kong. Why am I here again? I thought for a split second. Last night was not a dream. Or was it?"

- I wrote in my journal dated 26 Nov 2016. 


The day after the concert I paraded the band shirt I bought. As I try to convince myself that last night did really happen.


If ever the time comes when my kids chance upon this blog, I want them to read and remember this:


Dear kids. There are 2 kinds of "dreams". One is the kind of dream that happens while you sleep and then you wake up, most of the time you don't remember. The second kind, is the one when you are fully awake and conscious. It is that kind that you can be in and question yourself "Is this really happening???" 




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